School of Magic – The Party

This is a very creative party. An afternoon of fun and excitement with Professor D as your MC where “students” will enjoy various team-challenges.

Party guests will receive an “Letter of Admission to the School of Magic” as an invitation. On the first day of school students meet the Professors for an fun-packed afternoon. They are sorted into teams for which they will compete in various adventures, games and competitions. The winning team members will receive the “Golden Wand Award”.

We can hold the party for you in your clubhouse, in a garden or country park. The venue will be decorated with flags and banners. Catering can be arranged.

Contact us for our “School of Magic” Party e-brochure.

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Contact us

+852 9522 3003


Age: 6 up
Kids: 12-32 ideal
Duration: 2hrs

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gift ideas.

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