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The KIDchen – Party subjects

We offer a large variety of subjects
and whatever you choose everyone of them will be
completely individually prepared by the children.
Creativity and fun are the most important ingredients.

Cake Lollipops

This is the new “thing”. We will bake little cakes on sticks and then finish them with chocolate coating and many different toppings.

Children will make the dough from scratch. They break eggs, mix the ingredients one by one in the right amount and fill them into our special lollipop molds. Children can show their creativity when decorating the lollipops with chocolate coating and our large selection of toppings.


Cookies are fun as well. Children will make the dough from scratch. Breaking the eggs, mixing the ingredients, rolling it, cutting shapes with our large collection of cookie cutters. We can decorate them after baking. Cookies make also a nice take away gift.

Cup Cakes

Similar to cookies we can make cupcakes. You can choose the flavor such as chocolate, yoghurt orange, vanilla etc. Again children will make the dough from scratch, fill in the moulds and decorate with icing and toppings after baking. And yes you can take them home. We got some cool boxes for that. This has been very popular.

Dim Sum

Your prefer something Chinese? No problem. How about Dim Sum? Children can prepare a variety of Dim Sums such as Wonton, Sui Mai and Spring Rolls. Dumplings will be cooked in our steamers. Spring rolls will be “baked” without fat in the oven. Dim Sums make a good afternoon birthday party snack.


Of course this is the all time classic and very popular. But different to other places offering pizza parties, children here will have a blast rolling the dough and bringing it into fun shapes like rabbits, trains, hearts, cats and many more. Of course there will be plenty of toppings for all tastes. You can eat the pizza at the party or take it home.

And many more subjects

Mini chocolate cake, Chocolate brownies, Vietnamese Rice
paper rolls, Hazelnut cookies, Chocolate marble cake, Raisin scones, Hong Kong Egg Tarts, Sausage rolls, Mini butterfly cake, Apple hearts, Chocolate cookies.

Or do you have anything particular in mind? Let us know.

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